How Volunteer Work Can Benefit Your Business

Three years ago, Alt Creative made a pledge to be more socially responsible. The results so far have been phenomenal, and it’s been amazing to see what donating just a percentage of profits can do to improve our community. But even before this initiative we’ve enjoyed exploring the great wide charitable world, and volunteering our « Read more »

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Measuring Your Company’s “Good” Factor

Most Americans now reasonably expect the companies they do business with to support their local communities in a meaningful way. In the age of instant communications and close public scrutiny of corporations, many companies have placed—at least rhetorically—an emphasis on contributing to society, both through community commitments to charity and by making their business practices « Read more »

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Austin Gives Member Interviewed for KOOP Radio’s Capital Ambitions

Laurie Loew, the president and founder of Give Realty, was recently interviewed by Narissa Johnson at KOOP Radio for the Capital Ambitions radio program. Ms. Loew discusses her path to Social Entrepreneurship and the business and personal benefits of the model. Click HERE to listen to the interview.     Laurie Loew is the founder « Read more »

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Giving USA & Corporate Donations

On June 17th the Giving USA Foundation released its annual report on Philanthropic Giving in 2013. The report, which is released annually and is one of the most widely used indicators for philanthropy nationally, provided some good news for nonprofits who are still recovering from a drop in donations during the recession. Overall, giving increased « Read more »

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Engineering A Sense of Purpose

As a software engineer at The Advisory Board Company, I create technology solutions for healthcare organizations. Knowing that the systems I build allow doctors to serve patients more effectively motivates me to perform to the best of my ability each day. There is an increasing body of thought supporting the idea that when employees feel « Read more »

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Austin’s Community Service

There are a lot of things to be proud of here in Austin. We have enviable weather year-round, an astonishing growth rate, and a friendly business climate. Any Austin resident can boast about these characteristics. But I’ve always been most proud to be part of a much less sizeable group of folks – the Austin « Read more »

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Corporate Culture

A mission-drive purpose, a living brand . . . corporate culture can be a company’s differentiator, the one thing a competitor cannot reverse engineer. “Culture eats strategy over breakfast,” said Peter Drucker. In late April, the Entrepreneurs Foundation and Capital Factory invited a select group of CEOs together in intimate settings to discuss corporate culture « Read more »

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Kendra Gives Back

Here at Kendra Scott, we have centered our company around the mantra “Family, Fashion, Philanthropy.” Philanthropy is truly at the heart of everything we do as a brand, and I know that I couldn’t have gotten where I am today without the help and support of the people and community around me. The very least « Read more »

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All Hands On Deck: Getting Your Youngest Employees Involved in Workplace Giving

We’re one of the hippest places in the nation for young adults. Generation Y is flocking to Austin (those that weren’t already here thanks to the University of Texas, of course) for the music, the technology, and the overall lifestyle. Austin’s population, and therefore our employee base, is among the youngest-skewing in the US, according « Read more »

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Giving is Part of the Culture

We are so honored that Red Fan Communications has chosen Austin Gives as one of its pro bono (donated) projects.  Let’s peer inside the decision-making process for this member to see how donating services can be a great way to give back. 1) What is the primary motivation for your philanthropy?  Corporate philanthropy is part « Read more »

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Business Philanthropy

“Zuma is in business to give back to the community and support the work of great charities, which provides direction and meaning to everything we do. We feel business can be a significant driver of positive social change through helping others, and we find this ultimately leads to building a stronger business.” - Greg Pierce, President, Zuma Office Supply

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