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The idea of increasing the level of charitable donations coupled with creating a business recognition program came as a result of a Central Texas leadership best practices trip to Minneapolis-St. Paul in 2010.

The 100+ delegation from Central Texas learned about the Keystone Program, the Twin Cities’ business philanthropy recognition program, which had been in existence for more than 30 years. This program found that the key element of increasing overall giving was to annually recognize businesses that contribute a minimum designated percentage of earnings to community based charitable organizations.

Knowing that Austinites too, can be very philanthropic, we wanted to incent and encourage Austin businesses to be generous in their support of our community. Thanks to support from Eric Webber of McGarrah Jessee, we surveyed local Austin businesses and, based on their responses, developed the Austin version of Keystone. Austin Gives was formed through a collaboration among the following community minded organizations:

Each of these organizations plays a unique role in our local philanthropy.  Austin Gives’ focus, in particular, is recognition and honor of business philanthropy.

Leadership Team for Austin Gives

The current leadership team is made up of ten community leaders:

Beth Krueger – Director, Austin Gives
Beth Krueger“It’s so simple: philanthropy is a key to rooting people in a community. As business leaders we want the employees we recruit and invest in to be rooted in our community and proud of being a part of our business; we want the customers, vendors and industries we do business with to be rooted in our community and to share a comparable dedication to that community and we need the people of our community to know we are committed to the success of the entire community. Austin Gives helps us demonstrate that we are rooted in this community.”

Steve Visser - President, Workplace Resource
Austin Gives Board Chair
 Steve Visser “Workplace Resource believes business should have purpose. Having a positive impact on the communities in which we live is integral to our purpose as an organization. We support the non-profits who provide invaluable and much needed services. Simply put,  giving matters!” www.hmwrasa.com




Jennifer Stevens – President & CEO, JHL Company and Rocca Productions
Austin Gives Board Chair Elect
Jennifer Stevens

“When a business shows a commitment to giving back it is not only doing good for the community but also for the company’s brand. Employees are increasingly attracted to companies that value and encourage community involvement and clients enjoy doing business with organizations that care about more than just their bottom line. Plus, it just simply is the right thing to do.” www.jhlcompany.com  www.shoprocca.com

Bobby Jenkins – President, ABC Home and Commercial Services and past chair of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce
Austin Gives Past Board Chair
Bobby Jenkins“Our business thrives because of the wonderful community that is Austin and I can’t think of anything more gratifying than being able to give back to the community so that it’s a great place to live for everyone.” www.abchomeandcommercial.com




Mike Rollins – President, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce
Austin Gives Founder
Mike Rollins“Business philanthropy is a barometer that resonates among communities of the future that attract knowledge-based businesses, highly talented workforces and families. Austin area businesses have a tradition of giving back to our community and Austin Gives is the program that allows us to celebrate our community’s unsung business philanthropists.” www.austinchamber.com



Eugene Sepulveda – Chief Executive Officer, Entrepreneurs Foundation of Central Texas
Austin Gives Founder
Eugene Sepulveda“ ‘Business philanthropy,’ I’m not sure it isn’t better called investing in our markets. Whether we’re talking about labor, suppliers, customers or other stakeholders . . . we optimize profits by investing in the quality of available labor, the economic health of our markets, the quality of technology & innovation where we do business. Sure, it’s philanthropic . . . and there’s a quantifiable, tangible ROI.” www.AmplifyAustin.org

Debbie Johnson – Principal, Successful Giving
Debbie Johnson“Business philanthropy does so many things: attracts and retains employees, builds company reputation and brand, develops employee skills, increases revenues … but as importantly, it improves the community so that we ALL have a better place to live.”  www.successfulgiving.com



 Ed Kargbo - President, Yellow Cab Austin
Ed Kargbo “As a local company that has the fortune of such a great community, we deem it vital to share our success with our customers and their passengers. We learn their needs that way and thus we’re able to serve them better. It really is a wonderful cycle, a never ending reciprocal process of giving, getting, and giving again.” www.yellowcabaustin.com



Emily Lively – Foundation Manager, eBay Inc.
ELively color

“We believe in a future of commerce that is open, diverse, and inclusive – and one that brings new opportunities to Austin for everyone to participate and create value. eBay Inc. is committed to the Austin community and it’s spirit of philanthropy and recognition that businesses can make a positive impact.” www.ebayinc.com



Laurie Loew – Broker/Founder, Give Realty, Inc.
Laurie Loew

“There’s truth in saying that ‘birds of a feather flock together’. Our greatest reward is working with homebuyers and sellers who choose to make the world a better place and have a positive impact on our community.” www.giverealty.com




Kerry Ugarte - Wealth Advisor, J.P.Morgan Private Bank 
Kerry K. Ugarte

“Corporate giving and volunteerism have the potential to super-charge our individual contributions. The combined effect of individual AND business philanthropy could transform our community.” www.jpmorgan.com/pages/jpmorgan/private_banking



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"I feel it is very important to leverage our business success, our time, and our resources to improve the lives of people in our community. It is the right thing to do and also a core value at BuildASign.com. Together we can have a tremendous impact on our amazing city that we are all so grateful to live in." - Dan Graham, CEO and Co-Founder, BuildASign.com

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